Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Just Got Real

Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Just Got Real
September 30, 2016 Itamar Gero
Google Penguin 4.0
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On September 23, Google officially announced that Penguin 4.0 is now a part of its core algorithm. It is, for all intents and purposes, now real-time.

The Penguin update took care of Google’s concerns regarding the promotion and demotion of organic rankings based on the presence of unnatural links and keyword stuffing in websites. When the search giant released the Penguin algorithm in April 2012, website owners and SEO professionals saw their rankings drop overnight, all because of the spam links and overall bad quality of their linking and keyword stuffing strategies.

Today, link networks that sell unnatural links to website owners and SEO practitioners looking to spam the search results are no longer a threat to the level playing field that Google wants for businesses and organizations vying for attention via search. All the better for website owners that abide by the rules and for online users who are benefiting from more refined and more useful searches.

What Does It Mean for Penguin to Go Live?

Website owners and SEO practitioners everywhere are talking about Penguin going live or real-time. What does this mean? Where the Penguin algorithm used to do a refresh periodically, now — as part of the core algorithm — it does a refresh in real-time. After Google recrawls or reindexes a page, Penguin refreshes and checks for unnatural links.

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It’s faster, which is also good news for websites that have been affected by Penguin. The faster you are able to work on the changes the algorithm demands, the sooner your website is likely to get back on Google’s good graces.

Is Your Site Ready for the Google Penguin 4 Update?

Here is a list of things you should note in the age of real-time Penguin monitoring. How you react to these will determine how ready your website is for Penguin 4.0.

○ Now that Penguin recalculates and refreshes on crawl, it would be faster to get penalized and demoted if you have unnatural links. You need to clean up those links. Your SEO service provider should be able to give your website a once-over to find bad links.
○ Penguin’s movement is also more refined. So make sure that everything within your website — domain, folders, pages, keywords, keyword groups — is optimized properly and cleanly.
○ Competitive research can help you understand different risk levels. Penguin may notice aggressive SEO in one part of the website, while the other parts have no problem ranking.
○ Link Detox’s Subfolder Analysis now gains more importance based on how fine-tuned Penguin has become.

The latest Penguin update’s presence in the core algorithm makes it several times as hard to dupe the search engine using keyword stuffing and unnatural linking strategies. How your website fares in the organic ranking race depends on how quickly you react and work with a highly capable SEO service provider. Because while the ones from Madagascar are “cute and cuddly”, this Penguin is fast and furious.