We’ve got some pretty neat stuff.

Siteoscope is packed with lots of nifty features, and the team is constantly working on
making it even better and more awesome. Go ahead and see it in action for yourself.

Daily Rank Tracking

Your site’s rankings generate traffic and revenue. Our keyword rank checker monitors your positions daily, reports any changes that matter, averages your website’s ranking performance and shows you the low-hanging fruit to get a better rankings boost in your site’s traffic. Get details for keyword tracking.


Easily Set Up Your Keywords

Adding keywords to track is easy. Simply set your preferred search engine and start putting in your keywords. It even has a Suggested Keywords feature.

Local and Global Rankings

Check how well your website is ranking on the largest search giant in the industry. You can even go a step further by adding locations for selected keywords.

Real-Time Results

View your day-to-day ranking changes for all your keywords. With its historical data, you can compare data from as far back as the previous month.

Competitor Tracking & Analysis

Track competitors’ rankings and compare site vitals, see where they’re advertising and where they’re getting their links from. Don’t let a competitor out of your sight with daily scheduled reporting.

Siteoscope lets you compare stats for the following markers:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Backlinks
  • Referring Domains

Analytics & Traffic Insights

By tapping into your site’s Google Analytics and cross referencing it with goals, rankings and social activities, you will get an in depth view of where your traffic is coming from, how it is performing and what can you do to easily grow it.

Siteoscope gives you an in-depth look on how much traffic your site is generating, from what locations people are visiting from, and even what devices they’re using to access your site. It’s a gold mine of data.


Social Media Analysis

Your social media is buzzing? Not buzzing enough? Integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to deliver the daily happenings. With history performance tracking, Siteoscope shows you how your strategy is working and what could be improved.



Get a breakdown of who’s liking and sharing your page and posts. Likes are sorted by age and gender demographics, so you’ll know if you’re reaching the right people. Siteoscope also shows your most popular posts and the engagement for each.


Get an overview of your Twitter profile and the latest 140 characters mentioning your brand and retweeting your tweets. Siteoscope will tell you which of your tweets are performing best and how fast your network is growing.

Scheduled And Instant Reports

Set and forget sweet looking reports to hit your mail box on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis — or any custom period of time you wish. Include all the data Siteoscope stores daily and brand it with your business’ logo.

The reports show everything you can see on the dashboard, arranged and laid out in a format suitable for printing. With these insights on your brand’s performance, you’ll know what the next steps to take to improve your online presence further.


Site Monitoring

There are many factors contributing to the success of a site. With our site uptime checker, Google Webmaster Tools, Google insights and Google malware check, we will provide you with your site’s daily “pulse” to make sure nothing is missed.


SEO Alerts

Receive alerts straight to your email or mobile phone for real-time rankings changes. You can set triggers for alerts on specific keywords or specific ranges. Stay on top of rankings surges or drops with a smart alerts system.


Our tool crawls & analyzes your website to give you an audit of items to optimize — everything from SEO analysis & on-page factors to the backlink portfolio, site speed issues and site structure optimization recommendations.