Siteoscope is Finally Here!

The one tool for website tracking (and more) has finally arrived.

Siteoscope is Finally Here!
August 13, 2015 Itamar Gero
Itamar Gero
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Monitoring a website’s performance typically involves the use of different tools. Multiple SEO Tracking tools are typically used for keyword position checking and backlinks tracking to competitive analysis and analytics to social media mapping, switching between tabs and programs was simply the norm for those in the digital marketing circle.

This process is something we wanted to change, and after months of planning, designing and coding, we are excited to tell you about the website performance tracking tool that we developed.

Introducing Siteoscope–the all-in-one tool that brings together all your website performance tracking efforts into one centralized software. With Siteoscope, you don’t have to keep switching from one tool to another just to monitor the different aspects of your website performance. You don’t need to pay for all the tools separately; you simply have to focus on giving your users a better website experience.

Track the important metrics of your website

Want to see your website’s search results position for a specific keyword? Are your pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and link acquisition campaigns paying off? Are your Facebook and Twitter accounts getting more likes and followers? Or do you simply need to check how your website is doing compared to the competition?

We developed Siteoscope to have all this information available in one place.


Access your reports as you need them using any device

Whether you’re in front of a desktop computer at the office, or using your tablet or smartphone on the go, Siteoscope is accessible and ready to go. We created our User Interface with an ultra responsive design so you can look forward to an excellent user experience using any device. You can also get unlimited custom reports sent to your email as frequently as you want.


It keeps getting better

The Siteoscope team is committed to providing you with the ultimate tool to simplify website performance tracking and to help you understand important data that will improve your website. The same commitment pushes us to continue enhancing and adding new features as we go along.

Join the growing number of users who are discovering just how easy it is to track and improve their website performance using Siteoscope, the all-in-one tool for all website performance tracking needs.