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Monitor Your Online Competitors

Go beyond checking your competitors. Analyze their backlinks profile,  keyword positions, and many more.
Siteoscope is the ALL-IN-ONE website performance tracking tool for you.

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Competition Analysis

Add URLs or select from list of suggestions to start spying on your competitors.

Backlink Profile

You can also monitor your competitor’s backlinks to profile and check against your link building activity.

Keyword Position Changes

Monitor the keyword position changes of your competitors and compare them with yours.

We provide all the data you need—competitor analysis, keyword positions and backlinks profile all in one place.

No credit card required.

Competitor Tracking & Analysis

Compare results, keyword rankings, and stats from other websites. This provides a complete insight into everything there is to know about the competition.

Siteoscope lets you compare stats for the following markers:

  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Backlinks Profile
  • Referring Domains

Daily Rank Tracking

Your site’s rankings generate traffic and revenue. Our keyword rank checker monitors your positions daily, reports any changes that matter, averages your website’s ranking performance and shows you the low-hanging fruit to get a better rankings boost in your site’s traffic.


Analytics Integration

Align your marketing efforts and improve website experience for your target users by integrating Google Analytics to monitor your inbound traffic sources and website usage by device category.


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