How Blogger Outreach Boosts Your Website’s Rankings

How Blogger Outreach Boosts Your Website’s Rankings
July 7, 2016 Itamar Gero
Itamar Gero
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As we are all aware, Google uses a very complex algorithm to determine how well websites rank for any given keyword. One of the biggest factors this algorithm weighs is the number and quality of links pointing towards the website. Generally speaking, the more quality links a website has, the more authoritative and trustworthy it is.

Because of this, site owners should always have a plan for building a great backlink profile. It’s an essential part of any SEO strategy. While this is easier said than done, there’s one remarkably effective method that many small businesses don’t utilize: blogger outreach.

Building relationships with bloggers in your industry can be immensely rewarding in various ways. If you’re interested in growing your website and brand, this is definitely something you’ve got to try.

Why You Want to Reach Out

Bloggers are some of the biggest influencers on the web today.  They have highly targeted, engaged, and passionate audiences for their respective niches. More often than not, these blog readers make the best and most loyal customers for your business.

Yes, getting a link to your website from a trusted blog is superb for SEO purposes, but it’s not all about the links. Blogger outreach is an overall excellent marketing tactic with both short and long term benefits. If done right, it can do wonders for your business.

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What exactly makes their endorsement so valuable?

  • Traffic – You get great referral traffic (and subsequent sales) from their blog for the lifetime of the post.
  • Trust – People will almost always trust a blogger’s honest recommendation more than an advertisement.
  • Authority – As more people talk about and advocate for your brand, it becomes more reputable within your industry.

Blogger outreach helps you tap into the considerable influence these online figures have to the benefit of your business. It costs you very little in time and resources, but gives tremendous returns when done correctly.

Steps to Effective Outreach

Now that you know how important bloggers are, how do you convince them to give your website a look? It’s simple enough to just send them an email, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Step 1: Make sure that they fit your criteria. Does the blog’s target audience match your customer base? Do they have a large enough readership? Is their site well-known and authoritative within your niche? Most importantly, do they actually produce quality content?

Step 2: Use blogger outreach tools to significantly reduce your workload. These tools can help you find, research, and contact great bloggers. They also help you keep everything organized in one place, instead of having to manually keep track of dozens of conversations.

Step 3: Always personalize the message. Sure, you can use a blogger outreach email template, but make sure to include the recipient’s name and website at least. It also helps to say what about their blog caught your attention. Don’t just recklessly mass mail people; you don’t want your website to get the reputation of a spam bot.

Step 4: Never attempt to buy a positive review or link to your website. This is not only against Google’s terms of service, it also guarantees that no reputable blogger would ever want to work with you. Just reach out, let them try your product, and hope that they’ll like it enough to mention your brand to their readers.

Step 5: Stay in touch and try to build mutually beneficial relationships. Bloggers are naturals at long term brand advocacy, so it would be a waste to just stop communication after they’ve given your website a shout out. Having a large network leads to more opportunities later.

If you’ve been looking for a better way to market your website, then this could be it. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes.

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