Content Writing Hacks that Draw an Audience

Content Writing Hacks that Draw an Audience
August 26, 2016 Itamar Gero
Itamar Gero
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Content writersContent is what makes your website relevant to users. Some website owners believe the more content they have, the better. While there is nothing wrong with keeping your content up to date—it’s actually very important—quantity is not the same as providing quality content that is useful to your audience.

There are bloggers who would brag about how one of their posts has generated several hundred comments and a few thousand shares. Nothing wrong with that, either; everyone who has a website wants a piece of that kind of action. But, it’s not the numbers alone that count. What truly matters is how your content is affecting people; how it is helping them with something; how it’s changing their lives.

Website content writing is more than just churning out post after post and waiting for one or two of those posts to set the Internet on fire. In the same way, it’s more than just posting a funny video and watching as the thumbs-ups pile up. It’s not just the downloads you get for your podcast, either.

It’s a two-way street: a good post will matter to a lot of people, and how much it matters to them matters to you as the website or business owner.

This post may not make you the greatest content writer of all time, but it will give you ideas for creating posts and touching people, thus increasing the possibilities for your own benefit.

Hack No. 1: Take it out there.

The greatest speeches of all time are known throughout history, long after the people who wrote and delivered them had gone from this life. So, how do we know today what people said before? Simple: they had an audience, and by extension, people of today and tomorrow are still going to be part of that audience. It’s the old-school equivalent of becoming viral.

Writing website content is like that: you need to get that content in front of people if you are to contribute to their lives and at the same time to your bank account. To do this, you have to figure out where your intended audience typically “hangs out”. The answer may be social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, blog sites like Scary Mommy or Entrepreneur, or wherever. If you write content that hits that kind of audience, you’re doing things right.

Hack No. 2: Be someone’s guest.

Guest posting – or blogging in general – takes time to learn and master.

Never underestimate the power of the guest post to bring you an unlimited number of followers. A guest post is a blog post published on a website that is relevant to the audience you want to reach. For example, if you sell shoes, a post in one of the popular shoe blogs is right up your alley. If you have a homebuilding business, you would want to publish on home improvement websites.

Remember, though, that you are likely to encounter some rejection at first. Don’t be discouraged. Guest posting—or blogging in general—takes time to learn and master. Improve on your writing game and keep submitting and pitching to popular blogs in your niche.

Getting paid for your post is well and good, but that’s not what you’re after. Go for a free guest posting site that allows you to post your information (who you are, what you do, what business you own, which website or social account people can visit to follow you, what book you’ve written, how they can buy a copy, etc.).

Hack No. 3: Don’t be the lonely writer.

Lonely Writer

Writing, they say, is a lonely endeavor. When it comes to writing content for SEO, however, it doesn’t have to be. Website copywriting is different because it’s a communal effort. You work with your SEO team, your developer, and other people who will help you spread the word, and optimize your content with keywords so that it becomes more attractive to search engines and users.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to write your website content all by yourself. Just like you can guest post for others, allow others to guest post for you on your blog page. You can even hire a content writing service. Just make sure to check their product first.

You may be thinking that it’s good to write all your content alone, but what are you going to do when you do not have the time? Who’s going to update the website when you are not available? People are creatures of habit, and frequent visitors to your site may come to expect new content now and then.If you have writers and guest post contributors, you won’t have a problem updating.

These three hacks for improving your website content game are nothing new, but they’re often overlooked. Now that you know how to improve your chances of getting in front of an audience, this is your chance to deliver content that works.